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We are a force and on we march in military ranks,

We soldier on among the trees and through the leafy banks,

We have suburbia on our minds to see what we can find

Our habitat is running out because of humankind

We come at last to concrete walls and flower redistribution

The bees are buzzing round and round defying elocution

Who knows or cares where they live now their wings can give them distance

We have just one thing on our minds and that is strong resistance


We traveled far and ate our way through forest and through fern

What others say of our technique is not for our concern,

We have a mission to extend our borders far and near,

So now we have your house in sight we’re sending up a cheer.


We’ve found a way along the ridge and through a hairline crack,

We’re going now to fetch our Queen, don’t sleep ‘cos “we’ll be back”.

The spider’s web can catch us and she’ll feast upon a few

But when our Queens here we’ll pull rank and all our troops renew.


It’s no use jumping up and down and screaming with that speak,

We have no French or Latin and without doubt no Greek,

Be careful Mrs L.A.H. you’re stamping on our floor

Our program here is nonetheless to show you through the door.


Our farms below are stocked with all the crumbs that we can find

Informants roam and scout around for food of any kind.

We’ll get into your pantry and to your floorboards too

We’ll eat our way through house and home, you haven’t got a clue.


Then, when we’re done and finished with your number twenty seven,

We’ll march on down the road and eat our way through one eleven,

We have our sights on bigger things but right now we’re at ease,

So when you eat your breakfast leave some sugar for us please.

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