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People's Shadows

The Shining Ones

I have often idly wondered 
in this idealistic world
What it’s like to be among the shining ones
With thoughts of running Governments
With knowledge and steel guile
I often wondered but 
it seems I am in self-denial

The details are quite basic when analyzing truth
The shining ones were first there in the queue
Their thoughts are higher than the rest
And clearly it’s defined
That they should rule
And watch out for mankind


The problem as I see it

although who am I to say
The world is in a horrifying mess
There’s global warming, pestilence
Great wars and world pollution
I’d like to know
What is their great solution?

The world goes round and history’s made
When great men die and eras fade
So ordinary time persists
And pleasures of life found
But the cry of a new baby
Is still the finest sound

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