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Mr Baboon : Sir


Hello! Mr Baboon Sir, won't you come right through our door

There's fruit upon the window ledge, food in the pantry store

Our swimming pool is right outside, so jump in won't you please 

We'll bring you cocktails just now now, to put you at your ease


I'm sure you have some relatives just waiting in the wings

Tell them to bring their bathing suits and bentley belts and things

The next door neighbour has a gun he’s crazy it is true

We'll warn you Sir, if he comes out to take a crack at you


We have a grooming table Sir, you're welcome to that too

And if you should get thirsty there is water in the loo

Our beds are soft and comfortable please make yourself at home

And if you have acquaintances please make use of the phone


You always will be welcome to take a look around

You don't need to call ahead, you’ll be back I am bound

I'll keep the windows open so that you can come right in

Just turn up at this house Sir like you are kith and kin

Just a Note:  I love these baboons and this poem reflects the

attitude of residents who do have them coming into their houses and raiding the fridge and anything else they can find. 

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